In the agricultural sector, global technological advancements as well as well-organized and well-planned farming methods pave the way for producing higher quality products while reducing costs. Unfortunately, many of these innovations have not yet been implemented in Armenia. 

Given the challenges in the market, "Ntanik" offers a business model to support and promote such farming techniques. The project aims to implement these techniques in a way that benefits both investors in the project and farmers who work on it. Through modern technologies, farms can produce without having to invest money, and farmers can manage the work themselves. They will receive salaries and share in the company's profits. These individuals will receive regular training from "INSTITUTE OF SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES", CJSC, which is one of the company's main goals. The institute will develop, implement, and monitor technological processes as well as organize various training programs for employees, utilizing the best specialists in the field. The company takes great care towards its employees, the people of the region, and the environment. 

Every business initiative must take into account environmental protection, reduce the amount of pollution caused by its own production, while also ensuring profitability. That is why "Ntanik" designed its business model based on the process of creating a new agricultural culture. In order to increase production volumes, reduce costs, reduce pollution, eliminate seasonal product fluctuations, prevent accidents, and ensure the stability of the production chain, we propose introducing a modern agricultural production system. This system uses horticultural techniques, crops, animal husbandry, solar energy, hydroponics, biogas production and biomass storage. Each process in the system is interconnected and designed to work well with the other components of the project. Our aim is to achieve efficiency, environmental sustainability and profitability.